• Roberto Casadei, PhD
  • Assistant Professor at DISI (Department of Computer Science and Engineering), Alma Mater Studiorum–Università di Bologna
  • E-mail: roby [dot] casadei [at] unibo [dot] it
  • Offices: Cesena, Italy

Office hours

  • By appointment to be arranged by e-mail.

Currently taught courses

Research themes

  • Self-* software systems: architectures and models for self-adaptation and self-organisation.
  • Macro-programming: programming language-based approaches for emergent, collective intelligent, and self-organising systems.
  • Collective Intelligence: theories, models, and techniques for understanding and engineering CI in (hybrid) multi-agent systems.
  • IoT & Edge Computing: programming models to express computations and coordinate resources across the IoT-edge-fog-cloud continuum.

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Publications highlights

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